NIMANY is a New York-based luxury accessories brand, renowned for its unique fusion of Persian and Middle Eastern motifs. The brand's repertoire includes evening clutches, handbags, fashion jewelry and clothing, all designed to appeal to those seeking something different and exotic. NIMANY embodies a perfect blend of modern artistry and ancient elegance.

In the vibrant heart of New York, where cultures converge, NIMANY stands out as a beacon of luxury and artistic innovation. Known for its unique blend of Eastern and Persian motifs, NIMANY captivates the hearts of New Yorkers and global luxury consumers alike. Central to NIMANY's identity is the stylized letter "H" in Farsi and Arabic Alphabets, known as "ه", an emblem that transcends linguistic boundaries, embodying the brand's essence of elegance and sophistication.

NIMANY's Creative Director, Nima Behnoud, a multidisciplinary artist celebrated for his pop art paintings and sculptures, has infused his artistic vision into the brand. His approach combines vibrant, contemporary art with timeless design elements, making each piece a masterpiece.

In Persian, the letter "ه" (H) signifies "همه" (hameh), which means "everything" and embodies inclusivity and wholeness. This concept of "everything" reflects NIMANY's philosophy of embracing all aspects of  art and culture, creating a sense of unity and completeness.

The letter "ه" (H) is also associated with beauty, harmony, and balance in Arabic litreature. It appears in words like "هبة" (hiba - gift) and "هدية" (hadiya - present), symbolizing generosity and  evoking the warmth of shared moments and memories.

NIMANY's stylized "H" thus becomes more than just a logo; it transforms into a symbol of unity, generosity, and elegance that speaks to the cultural values of the Middle East. It represents the universal appeal of NIMANY's designs, which draw on Persian and Middle Eastern influences without compromising their global allure. This emblem of style and unity invites you to become part of a story that spans cultures and generations.