About Rugs

The New York-based designer Nima Behnoud was born in Tehran and educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He launched his first brand, NIMANY, when still in his 20s with a celebrated series of garments that established his distinctive style incorporating Persian typography in modern, layered designs. NIMANY quickly became known globally for Nima’s successful infusion of Persian motives and contemporary style.

In his 30s, Nima extended this unique design concept into jewelry and handbags, including a ring with the Farsi letter ‘H’ that not only became a perennial best seller but also established the letter as a signature element of his work. 

Now, in partnership with Pacific Rug Gallery, the premier Persian rug showroom of Vancouver, Nima introduces the Persian motives and his immediately recognizable layered graphic aesthetic in its most luxurious form yet: modern Persian rugs hand woven in silk, wool and cotton. Each rug is designed by Nima to be an extraordinary blend of timeless Persian calligraphy and innovative, contemporary style. Nima seeks to preserve a kind of elegance that’s rare to find in the contemporary rugs nowadays.

There has never been anything in the world of rugs quite like it. 

NIMANY introduces his immediately recognizable art aesthetic in its most luxurious form yet: “hand woven rugs”. In collaboration with Pacific Rug Gallery, the premier hand woven rug showroom of Vancouver, Canada.