About Private Collection

The central art of Nima Behnoud’s painting is a result of many individual pieces of Nastaliq practices known as “Siyah Mashgh” combined together. These scriptures are infused into each other to create a visual experience. The stamps and seals on this painting are often used by the Qajar dynasty during the 17th century. Nastaliq is one of the main script styles used in Persian calligraphy. It was developed in Iran in the 8th and 9th centuries. It has extensively been (and still is) practiced in Iran as a form of art. Nastaliq is the core script of the Persian writing tradition. Siah Masq: Siah-Masq ("inked drill") panels however communicate via composition and form, rather than content. In Siah-Masq, repeating a few (sometimes even one) letters or words virtually inks the whole panel. The content is thus of less significance and not clearly accessible.

“I have kept a secret during these years when NIMANY Clothing line was growing. A personal secret that allow me to think without the boundaries of business world created by the expansion of NIMANY. The Secret was an art studio in the remote section of New York. A secluded location where I could express myself freely and recreate that very first organic artistic experience over and over again.

I worked there on weekends and nights and created art pieces on canvas and paper, using acrylic paints, silk screens and other painting methods. I rescued my sanity and mind by building my own refuge. My very private safe-house”.


Nima Behnoud